Manufactured from genuine goat hide leather, the Carbon Claw PRO X ILD-7 leather sparring gloves are both comfortable and durable and have a stylish, eye-catching design. They are great for bag work and sparring sessions and offer improved impact absorption due to a gel foam layer. A wide cuff strap and a hook and loop closure provide a firm and secure fit and added support and for easy putting on and taking off, there is a specially adapted internal elasticated ring closure CC-fixture around the wrist. Additionally, the palm features a vented mesh weave material for increased air flow and proper ventilation delivering fresh and cool feel for longer.



The Carbon Claw Impact GX-3 groin guard provides personal protection, shielding the groin area to good effect thanks to the nylon and plastic protective cup that is removable. The cup is lightweight but strong and durable for your comfort and safety and to keep your freedom of movement to a maximum. There are leg support straps to keep the guard in place and the elasticated cotton and nylon waist band with hook and loop closure lets you find a comfortable and secure fit.



The Carbon Claw Impact GX-3 synthetic leather junior boxing gloves have been designed with a strong focus on safety. These 226.8g (8oz) training gloves will let juniors practise boxing with the confidence that their hands, fingers and thumbs are well protected. Layers of foam padding absorb impacts, and the design boasts good wrist alignment and attached thumbs to prevent them from being bent backwards. The built-in grip bar offers extra support and the hook and loop closure is adjustable so a comfortable, secure fit can be found. The durable gloves feature a moisture-absorbing anti-microbial lining and mesh that allows air to circulate for optimal hygiene and freshness.



The Exigo Boxing Pro open face head guard is made of high quality cow hide leather and has been double stitched to provide excellent durability. The ProShok 3-layer multi foam technology ensures maximum protection, while inner suede lining makes it sweat absorbent. The head guard is equipped with Velcro strap fittings that enable a comfortable



Ensure your head and face are properly shielded with the Carbon Claw Impact GX-3 synthetic leather head guard with cheek protection. The boxing guard is made from synthetic leather, and shock absorption is provided by the foam and gel-layered padding. The head protector delivers all-round, facial protection and the opening around the eyes optimises the balance between good peripheral vision and safeguarding your eyes. The top, rear and chin areas are easily adjustable so you will find a comfortable and secure fit, and the anti-microbial moisture-wicking material will keep you drier and fresher for longer during those intense training sessions.

X – EAA Supplement


X is a comprehensive EAA supplement for every athlete and bodybuilder who is serious about their training. X is packed with the optimum dosages for both EAA and BCAA.

Plant Based – All of the amino acids (both EAA & BCAA) are from plant sources.

ZERO Sugar – X contains 0g of sugar. Which you’ll think is amazing once you’ve had your first sip…

Stimulant Free – Amino Acids don’t need stimulants. So X doesn’t.

EAA & BCAA – X contains all of the EAA’s and BCAA’s you need for optimal recovery.

X is a fully disclosed and extremely potent EAA supplement, packed with 9 amino acids (both EAA & BCAA) that are vital for muscle growth and recovery. Research has shown that EAA supplements are best used pre workout but with the inclusion of BCAA’s. More shockingly the latest research shows that the human body needs EAA’s when consuming BCAA’s for optimum results.

Unlock your potential and new muscle growth with X. The supplement you will never want to be without.



The Boxing Mad Boxing Leather Bag Mitt is a quality Cowhide pro bag mitt with a dense, hand moulded, multi-layer foam padding designed for optimum hand protection. This high quality mitt also features a Velcro wrap wrist closure for better wrist support.

CRUCIAL – Advanced Creatine Formula


CRUCIAL is a vital Creatine Formula for every athlete, bodybuilder and weekend warrior.

Improved Strength

Enhanced Recovery

Rapid ATP Production

Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Magna Power and Betaine

Improve your performance daily with CRUCIAL. Due to a rapid increase in ATP production and cellular expansion helping accelerate not only your performance but also your recovery and strength.



The Reebok Combat boxing mitts are made to be worn by boxers of a range of abilities, from beginners up to more advanced and skilled boxers. They are great for pad work and improving hitting technique and power. The slip-on slip-off design is very convenient and the gloves provide good cushioning and support for your hands during sessions. The palm area is ventilated for more comfort and breathable performance and they are compact for more practical storage and carrying to and from fitness sessions.

P-3 – Whey Protein Powder


P-3 is a high quality, non GMO, 3 whey protein blend.

  • Repairs Muscle Damage
  • 24g Protein Per Serving
  • Tastes Delicious
  • Mixes Easily Making It Excellent For Cooking

P-3 is the whey protein powder you will always need in your cupboard. Whey Protein is by far the most used daily supplement and without protein, your muscles simply won’t recover effectively from your punishing workouts leading to diminished results.

Whey protein powder is one of the most researched and scientifically backed supplements on the planet, shown in many studies to increase strength, muscle mass, and even significant fat loss!

There are three types of whey protein powder; isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate. P-3 combines all three into one product making it perfect for any occasion, whether it’s in a shaker after a hard workout or in the kitchen making protein cookies.

P-3 is the first Muscle Rage supplement to be made in the UK and because of this, we have put even more effort into making this supplement just right, cramming a huge 24g of protein per serving.

Our attention to detail goes beyond just the formula, focusing on things like making a protein powder that not only tastes great but mixes so easily that leaving your shaker at home will no longer be an issue.

Our whey protein comes in both strawberry and chocolate flavour as well as a 33 and 75 serving tub, making it excellent value for money.

TIDAL – Diuretic Supplement


TIDAL is an all-natural but extremely potent diuretic supplement that will help you eliminate that top layer of water blurring away all your hard-earned definition!


Rapid Water Loss

Natural Ingredients

Contest Strength Diuretic

Do you often feel that even after hard dieting and intense cardio you can never look as good as the magazines?

Sadly, in the age of photoshop, much of what you see in those magazines aren’t real. However, what is real is your bodies attempt to cling onto as much water as possible, which can lead to reductions in vascularity and striations, this is where Tidal comes in!

Utilising only natural ingredients, Tidal works to help flush your body of excess water, leading to that rock-hard physique you’ve been looking for! Making this a perfect natural diuretic supplement for everyone.

Diuretic supplements are ideal for bodybuilding contests, weddings, photoshoots and any event where you need to be looking your best!

With contest strength all-natural ingredients, you’ll be evaporating the competition without having to resort to waterboarding!




Stay safe and protected when sparring using the Carbon Claw AMT CX-7 black leather headguard. It features a lightweight construction and has been made of genuine cow hide leather for solid durability. This easy to put on and take off headguard helps to avoid fascial injuries and thanks to multi-adjustment at the top, rear and chin sections, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit. For excellent impact absorption, there is an effective external padding and a soft internal padding produced from an anti-microbial moisture-wicking fabric guarantees a fresh feel and added comfort. Plus, an opening around eyes delivers maximum peripheral vision enabling you to get ready for those quick side hook punches.

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