Weight Management (Monthly Subscription)


Our weight management is a monthly subscription service, all information will be provided online. Download our app, here you will receive your meal plans, exercise routines, log your meals, ask any questions etc via our mobile app.

Don’t worry we provide full training with detailed tutorial video instructions on how to use our mobile app and online nutrition and fitness dashboard, remember we are just a message away. You will learn how to monitor all of your activity over a 24 hour period, you will know exactly how much fuel your body needs. We count all calories consumed along with calories burned to ensure you have a calorie deficit in order to reach your goals.

Just remember our team are always here to help!!

Daily Food & Exercise Log

You will receive your nutrition and fitness plan via our app with easy to understand tutorial videos explaining each exercise. You will be able to message your coach to ensure you are on track.

Dietary Analysis

Weekly dietary analysis, you get a full nutritional breakdown that is easy to understand to ensure you are on track and give you any additional information you may need.



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