The Protein With Tales and Scales

You do not often see over weight Oriental Japanese or Eskimo people and if you do they probably have been corrupted by our high fat diet.

Orientals and Japanese are very healthy

Their staple diet is primarily fish and rice the key here is the omega 3 oils found in fish. Omega 3 fatty acids help prevent blood clots which contribute to heart disease.

A test taken by The Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit in Cardiff

Found that middle aged men who had already experienced heart attacks their fat intake was cut by 30% and their fiber was increased by 18 grams and had two weekly portions of fatty fish.

Unfortunately some could not tolerate the fish

So they took capsules which contained 500 milligrams of eicosapentaenoic acid. Two years passed and the death rate of the fish eaters dropped by 29% over the non-fish eaters.

Omega-3 fatty acids are prevent the arteries from clogging

Many people will choose to take the EPA in a pill form instead of using fish as a source of good protein in their diet. What this will do is allow them to continue to eat their high fat heart attack foods.

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What we want to see 

Is a shift in people eating more fish as their protein and eliminating the high-fat meats. Of course, we do not mean you can have your fish with anbéarnaise cream sauce on top. Remember, the sauces and dressings can sometimes be worst than the food itself.

Stick to baking, broiling or grilling your fish

Restaurants prepare your food just the way you like. Try not to butter and add sauce on the side. If you decide fish is for you, sushi might be right up your alley!!