Choosing the right protein powder can be tricky! Protein is an important part of any healthy diet and training regime. Proteins are made up of ‘building blocks’ called amino acids. Your body uses amino acids to build and repair muscles and bones, support hormones and boost energy.

It’s all about finding the right protein powder to meet your personal goal. So if you’re trying to build lean muscle or muscle mass, lose fat, tone up, get stronger or just have more energy, the right protein powder will be able to assist you in reaching your goal.


Whey Protein is the most versatile member of the protein family and is offered in a variety of different blends with different levels of carbohydrates. Some are very low in carbohydrates for those who want to build lean muscle or lose weight, whereas some blends are higher in carbohydrates to help you gain size. The two main types are:

1) WHEY PROTEIN BLENDS: These are normally great value for money and comprise of a blend of whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolates, on average delivering you with a dosage of 24g of protein per serve. They are also low lactose and are suited for those trying to build lean muscle. One of the best selling and tasting options of this category is ‘Gold Standard Protein By Optimum Nutrition’. If you’re looking to put on some size, then ‘Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition’ would be a great choice, which contains a higher amount of carbohydrates per serve.

When to take it: After training or between meals.

2) WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE (WPI) Whey protein isolates and are generally great for building lean muscle, but also preferred for those who are trying to achieve fat loss, because they are low in carbohydrates and fats and are absorbed rapidly into the system. Thanks to their speedy absorption rate and their ability to supply the muscles with the nutrients required for recovery and growth, isolates make the perfect post-workout protein fix. They are also even lower in lactose, approx. 0.05% and normally tolerated by people who cannot normally handle lactose. Due to the filtration process they tend to be more expensive. ‘R1 Protein by Rule 1’ earns the title of FIT favourite when it comes to isolates, but if you’re after something completely natural with no artificial sweeteners then go for ‘Whey Protein Isolate by Banter’.

When to have it: After training or between meals.


Casein protein has been around for years but has recently become a crowd favourite. It’s known for its slow sustained digesting effect and has a fantastic amino profile which can be used to make you feel fuller for longer. It’s often consumed at night as a shake or custard, as the nutrients often release slower so your body receives nutrients over an 8 hour period. Although it’s very popular with body builders, it’s become a go to for people trying to lose weight as it’s very low in calories and can be used as a day or night time treat. Our go to is the ‘Casein Custard by Muscle Nation’. Pick any flavour and thank us later!

When to have it: Between meals and at night.


If you have any dietary intolerances, are vegetarian, vegan or just want a more conscious option, then a plant-based protein is the go. In the last year with loads of new technology and processes, the right plant protein can taste amazing and also be extremely effective. The amount of successful plant-based bodybuilders and athletes there are now are a living testament to this. Plant proteins are easily absorbed and contain a relatively high protein content for a wholefood source. Being all-natural and free from soy, gluten and lactose, plant protein blends have fast become a vegan diet staple. The common bases of these proteins are normally pea or brown rice. There are two brands that are dominating the game right now. ‘Protein Switch by Switch Nutrition’ have sweet and delicious flavours for the sweet tooths out there. Or if you’re obsessed with peanut butter, then go for ‘Plant-Based Protein by Macro Mike’ as these guys offer a wide range of flavours centred around a peanut butter base.

When to have it: After training or between meals.


Collagen has certainly become a buzz word in the world of supplements. Seriously, this stuff is responsible for healthy hair, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments, artery walls – we could go on for days! Collagen also has the incredible ability to aid in the production of creatine – a compound essential for building muscle and producing energy, not to mention being beneficial for gut health! Collagen is found in the flesh and connective tissue of beef (bovine collagen) and fish (marine collagen) and gets a big fat high five from the team at FIT. We are completely infatuated with ‘100% Noway Protein by ATP Science’. It’s on the lighter side and blends really well in water or in a shake.

When to have it: After training or between meals.

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