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Hi,Fitness is not about obsessing over the number on the scale or punishing your body. It has never been about crash diets, food fads or dodgy supplements.
Fitness is about becoming the best version of yourself.
I will help you smash your goals and discover your true potential!


WEIGHT LOSS: Losing weight and improving your fitness takes time, effort, and determination. Truth is, it can be tricky to constantly keep a positive mindset, stay highly motivated, choose the right workouts and follow nutrition plans that tick all the boxes. But you do not have to do it alone. I will help you navigate your fitness journey, so you avoid common mistakes, get in the best shape of your life, and achieve the body you have always wanted!


Why did I become a fitness coach?

Let me take you back in time. I grew up in the 90s, the golden era of the ‘heroin chick’ look. Do you remember these pictures of ill-looking models plastered all over the place? My teenage body did not look like that. At all. And that constant feeling of not being thin enough was slowly destroying me. I was struggling with weight fluctuations, comfort eating and severe bouts of depression. I could not find my place. My sense of self-worth was quickly disappearing. Then I got myself into competitive sports. And I discovered something.

It was not just my body that got stronger and healthier – my mental well-being also started rapidly improving. Exercise helped me become more mindful, less anxious, and more in control of my negative emotions. For the first time in my life, I could switch off the noise in my head.

I quickly fell in love with fitness and I believe that this passion turned my life around for the better. To this day I have not found an activity that would bring me more clarity, peace and satisfaction than working out. I became a personal trainer to promote the benefits of being active and to help people discover their true potential. Seeing my clients succeed gives me the greatest satisfaction!


Believe it or not, I used to absolutely love cheese and I could not imagine my life without a milky coffee.

Everything changed when I lost a bet to my vegan sister. She decided that my ‘penalty’ would be to switch to a plant-based diet for a month. No more cheese. No more milk. You will not regret it, she said. I was quite skeptical, but I accepted the challenge and gave it a try. Rules are rules, right?

To my surprise, I quickly discovered how easy it was to change my lifelong habits. And I absolutely fell in love with the taste of vegan food.

More importantly, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my physical health. I could finally ditch the medications for my digestive conditions. I felt lighter, happier, less bloated, and more energetic. Even my persistent skin problems started slowly disappearing.

Deeply inspired by such a positive experience, I started actively seeking information about the vegan movement. What I learned helped me fully realize the horrifying extent of animal abuse and environmental degradation. I decided that I did not want to take part in this ongoing destruction of our planet. The challenge has never stopped. I have been a passionate vegan for nearly six years now and I am fully convinced I will stay plant-based for the rest of my life!


I am a firm believer in science and an evidence-based approach to nutrition and exercise. I spent many years meticulously researching the effects of diet and physical activity on health and well-being.

My professional qualifications include:

  • MSc with distinction in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health – University of Bristol
  • BSc with distinction in Nutrition – University of Warsaw
  • Advanced Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training (level 2 and level 3)
  • Advanced Diploma in Fitness Testing (CPD)
  • Diploma in Functional Resistance Training (CPD)
  • Boxercise® Instructor Diploma

But it is not simply just extensive knowledge that makes me stand out as a fitness professional.

I have nearly 9 years of professional experience and a proven track record of delivering highly effective personal training sessions to people of all ages and sizes. Throughout my career, I provided services for David Lloyd Leisure, Energie Fitness and Pure Gym, as well as for The Fire Fighters Charity and academic events. Since 2012 I have helped hundreds of people achieve their personal best and I intend to help hundreds more!